Why Not if There’s Safety and Security Today?

Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “The word of the Lord that you have spoken is good.” And he said, “Why not, if there is peace and security in my days?”

2 Kings 20:19 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

This is just one verse at the end of a long narrative. The word of the Lord that Isaiah spoke to Hezekiah was the doom of certain judgment.

For your own edification read the account from the first verse. It may help to offer insight as to the importance of what is happening.

In the beginning, Hezekiah is told to get his affairs in order as his death is near. He pled with God, and God extends his life for 15 years.

It is when dignitaries arrive from Babylon that things turn a bit sour. Hezekiah shows off. He gives the emissaries a grand tour of the treasures and storehouses.

When Isaiah asks about the visitors of what they wanted and whence they came, Hezekiah says they came from Babylon and were shown everything. The prophetic word given back is that Judah would be led away captive in the future.

Hezekiah’s answer was smug and self-serving. At least as long as Hezekiah reigns, there will be peace. Hezekiah confessed his actions, yes. But he did not confess any wrongdoing by those actions. He certainly showed no concern for the welfare of his progeny, either. In so doing, he ensured their future is dark and bleak.

I cannot help but to think of the United States… No almost every nation in the world. People are more than ever willing to place heavy and demanding burdens on their progeny for a bit of safety and security today.

What I mean is most currencies are debt-based. Like Hezekiah, national leaders cede responsibility by apathy. Central banks loan nations money. You and I pay the interest on the loans by taxes.

It used to be honorable to work and save, passing inheritance to our children. Mindsets changed. People pass on debt and with it slavery. They have themselves become bondservants to debt. That’s been the same deal from the garden where the enemy used deceit to enslave.

It’s the same principle ensuring a dark and bleak future, except we clearly see the danger looming.

Hezekiah was only thinking about himself.

Hezekiah enslaved his progeny and his nation simply because he didn’t confess his wrongdoing. Our nation, nay our world, is hurtling into chaos (by demonic design,) and many live like Hezekiah thinking it’s good enough now.

The entire globe is on the precipice of the culmination of being led off into Babylonian-type captivity. I know this isn’t a rosy outlook. It’s Biblical, though. The Bible told us of these particular tribulations among many more things in advance.

So, what to do?

The first thing is to do what Hezekiah did not do. Get right with God. I don’t know what that means or even has any meaning for those reading.

Hezekiah did get right with God, but when he stumbled afterward… He failed to confess his sins to God. That’s an important thing. Hezekiah’s actions had grave consequences for others that would remain because of his inaction on the matter.

What I do know, is there is a Remedy.

Like Hezekiah in this instance, all people have fallen short somewhere of the standards of doing right. I don’t care how short or how far away any fall is. I know the shortness cannot be made up in our own endeavors. You cannot clean yourself up enough to come to God. And you cannot fix a bright future without God.

But Jesus…

Yes, Jesus shed His own blood for that reason. Jesus covered the shortfall by giving of Himself He did that because each of us needs to be in good standing with God. That would be impossible if there is an impediment between you and God. Jesus obliterated all impediments. He opened the presence of God to any and all that would come, no matter their moral condition.

I also know the rose again. He defeated death resoundingly. And one day, there will be no death.

If you find yourself to be in the predicament of falling short and myopically thinking of numero uno… You can fix it now. It isn’t fancy preacher-type talk. It’s you alone going to God. Acknowledge Jesus is real and is Who He claimed to be. Believe He died for you and your sins, and can forgive them when confessed because He rose again. Confess this out loud to Him. Give to Him your burden of sin by confessing it to Him.

Second… Stay right with God.

My hope and prayer are that anyone reading this has talked to God in that way. For Christians, God is not some old man in the sky. He is a Heavenly Father Who wants many children. Even a child like you… No matter what it is you’ve done. Yeah, even that thing that just blasted into your mind.

God wants you as a child, no matter what it is you’ve done.

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