Hang Up on the Hangups

Do not give place to the devil.

Ephesians 4:27 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

Paul is speaking of giving the enemy rights. He has no way to bother you unless you give him permission and grant him the right.

What do I mean by right?

This could trigger some uncomfortable feelings.

Think about something that happened to you when you were young, something you remember clearly. Do you instantly become overwhelmed by the feelings of that situation?

It could be good, but might most likely not be. In that case, the feelings of fear and anxiety come… Especially with traumatic events. The feelings can be crippling.

Sometimes those feelings come because of something we’ve done and now regret. A feeling of guilt can obliterate a person.

These crippling feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, despair, and/or others can create a cascading physiological response with an adrenaline surge. Which may lead to something that grieves the Holy Spirit.

These things the enemy uses as a foothold. It’s a place to gain access. And if we are not aware of that fact we can be blindsided. I know. It happens to me.

None of us are made to fear. We are not made to have guilt. Paul gives ample remedy for how to avoid giving rights away.

But what of those things in the past?

Knowledge is a firmer foundation than emotion.

You can renounce them. You can renounce how they make you feel. You can renounce the control they have over your emotions. Do it out loud, to God. For whatever it is that overwhelms you, whether you are the victim or not. Allow God to take the feelings, the anxiety, and the fear away. Read the rest of the text beginning at Ephesians 4:1 into Chapters 5&6. Learn how to put on the new nature and live in victory.

You can do it, by taking the first step.

Don’t be sidelined. Don’t be a spectator. Stand firm!

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