We Have Escaped

Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us for a prey to their teeth. We have escaped as a bird out of the snare of the hunters; the snare is broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Psalm 124:6–8 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

Could this be another hint of the Rapture?

Chuck Missler was fond of finding the somewhat veiled things in Scripture. I don’t recall exactly where he spoke of these things. But he said he suspected there would be seven. (I don’t think he found but four or five.)

This one is intriguing. First, it is included in a Song of Ascents by David. The Songs of Ascents are also known as the Songs of Pilgrims. Tradition has it these were sung on the three feast days (moedim, literally appointed times) that required assembly at Jerusalem. These three days are repeated every year. Pilgrims went up to Jerusalem singing these songs. They ascended the Temple Mount and finally ascended a staircase to meet with the Lord. The Songs of Ascents are a collection of 15 Psalms for going up.

Second, think of how a bird escapes a snare. They would fly up out of it. I wonder if the idea of a bird escaping a snare was intentional to paint that word picture. Other animals are hunted with snares.

Of course, the use of a bird escaping is intentional. God is intentional in His communication with us.

I was hoping to discover some kind of evidence in Hebrew. Perhaps there is something that requires more diligence. Perhaps that is for another post.

Regardless, it is something to take comfort in.

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