They Shall Come Into the Land Restored from the Sword

And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Son of man, set your face against Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshek and Tubal, and prophesy against him, and say: Thus says the Lord God: I am against you, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshek and Tubal.

Ezekiel 38:1–3 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

Ezekiel is prophesying against the nations around Israel. This particular passage, it comes as a stark contrast to what comes before. That is speaking of the restoration of Israel. I would think that the timeliness of that could also be considered prophetic. That restoration reads specifically as both Judah and Israel being gathered together as one nation. That assembly is happening today.

It comes as the backdrop for the set-up for what most scholars agree is something yet future. I contend that yet future is almost now.

The term Gog refers to an unidentifiable person some think it is even a supernatural entity. The other names in the text are geographical in nature. These places are named in what is referred to as the Table of Nations in genesis 10. Magog refers to part of Asia. Josephus identified Magog as the land of the Scythians. It is said by some the Great Wall of China was called the Ramparts of Magog. This most likely identifies the area around and including Ukraine and Russia.

The entire area is marked by three names, Rosh, Meshek, and Tubal. These would include the area directly north of Israel. This would fit with many of the prophetic warnings to Israel and Judah that were recorded at the same time. The invasion would come from the north (mentioned later in the text.) As it happened with Babylon.

And I will turn you back and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses, and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor, even a great company with buckler and shield, all of them handling swords.

Ezekiel 38:4 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

There are words here that are noteworthy. “I will turn you back.” God is saying that to these nations, He will make them turn back. It sounds like a reverse course, at least that is what seems to be said. Perhaps it is an about-face on a peripheral approval of peace accords.

It looks as like something is being used as bait to draw them. That fits with what is spoken of later in this. Some speculate that it is the massive gas deposits Israel has recently discovered. But I will leave that for the reader to discover.

This will be a vast military invasion of Israel. The text states horses will be used. Could that be literal?

What is intriguing to me is what is missing. In the other prophetic warnings of invasion recorded by Ezekiel and other prophets, the machines of warfare are mentioned… Camps and siege works along with a prolonged period of time. These are not mentioned here, which lends itself to happening that are more sophisticated and short-lived.

Persia, Ethiopia, and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet.

Ezekiel 38:5 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

Roughly… Iran, Ethiopia, and Libya would help with the invasion.

I will do so to Gomer and all its troops, Beth Togarmah of the north quarters and all its troops, and many peoples with you.

Ezekiel 38:6 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

This names what is the modern area of Turkey. It will also join the coalition. All of these nations would be allies in an invasion of Israel.

Be prepared and prepare yourself, you and all your companies that are assembled to you, and be a guard to them. After many days you shall be called. In the latter years you shall come into the land that is restored from the sword, whose inhabitants have been gathered out of many peoples, against the mountains of Israel which had been always a waste. But its people were brought out of the nations, and they, all of them, are dwelling safely.

Ezekiel 38:7–8 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

As God speaks to this confederation of invaders, He establishes some specific markers with a precision that seems to fit the current situation. I mean that they fit right into events of late.

This invasion is prophesied to be in the latter years. That is where we are… In what the Bible calls the last days. It is the latter years of the last days.

They shall come into the land restored from the sword.

This is huge! That is exactly what we are seeing today. Unprecedented peace agreements are being made between Israel and some of her age-old enemies. The land is being restored from the sword… And the centuries of warfare over it.

The modern-day inhabitants of Israel are gathered out of many places. They have returned to Israel and settled. They have restored the mountains of Israel which have always been a waste. The mountainsides are now terraced and homes are built on them.

And all of these people were brought from other lands to the wasteland. They’ve trained it. They’ve made it alive again. It’s happening right before our eyes. And soon, Israel will be dwelling safely.

You shall ascend and come like a storm; you shall be like a cloud to cover the land, you and all your troops, and many peoples with you.

Ezekiel 38:9 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

It will be a sight to see…

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