How do You Deal?

So David and his men continued on the road, and Shimei went along on the hillside beside them, cursing, throwing stones, and flinging dust at them as he went. The king and all of the people who were with him arrived at their destination exhausted, but he refreshed himself there.

2 Samuel 16:13–14 — Modern English Version (Thinline Edition.; Lake Mary, FL: Passio, 2014)

David is a great example of lots of things. Sometimes it’s how not to do things. Others, it’s how to do them. That is the case here.

David is in exile because his son Absalom seeks his life. I couldn’t imagine what it is like to be hunted down by someone who is your own son.

But it was before this moment that David and his servants were blessed with refreshment on their journey. It was also there they met Shimei. Shimei was of the house of Saul and cursed David. In reality, he wanted to kill David.

I neglected to post the entire passage for a purpose. I want you to discover that is there. Especially in how David extends mercy to one who would kill him.

Here, we find Shimei traveling with David. He is pitching a fit, making a show and even hurling stones at David. David doesn’t let it hinder his journey.

It’s like that for us. How many have someone that curses and harangues us?

How many of us let it bother us?

David is the proper attitude. He puts up with it because maybe Shimei is called by God to curse David. Yet, David rests all of his hopes in God despite his own guilt. If what Shimei is doing is from God, how could David escape?

Perhaps God might show kindness amid cursing. Regardless, we see David’s steadfast trust in God. It’s easier to live life trusting in God. That’s exactly why David could defeat Goliath. He trusted not in his own strength, and even though he made deliberate sins, those never derailed David’s belief and trust. He continued living despite the troubles, whether of his own doing or not.

Even in the middle of cursing blessing might come. Don’t let it stymie your progress. Be like David. Trust God. Seek God. And continue to live in that mercy giving mercy in turn, even if you have to put up with shenanigans.

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